Prescription glasses

Sight and, most of all, visual comfort are very important in the everyday life. Just think about the tiring hours we spend in front of the computer or driving, which all puts strain on our eyes. For this reason it is essential to dedicate the necessary time to our optical health. In our optometry office we offer updated eye examinations and utilize the newest materials to be able to satisfy all your needs.


Our shop is specialized in sport-prescription glasses. With us you will find the ideal solutions for different sports, from ski goggles, to prescription sunglasses for biking and running.

Multifocals: to see clearly at short and long distances

Multifocal glasses are a great solution if you want to see clearly at short distances, as well as long, with only one pair of glasses. Thanks to sophisticated equipment for centring the lenses, the use of only high quality multifocal lenses and more than 30 years of experience, we are able to guarantee the best solution in terms of visual acuity and above all comfort.

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